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Welcome to the Saiya-Jin Legends clan headquarters. The Saiya-Jin Legends is a clan dedicated to Dragonball Z the anime. We are a Team Fortress Classic clan. I dedicate this clan, SJL to the anime Dragonball Z because I am a fan of anime specially DBZ. Also if you have noticed, I had put some game sounds from the game Xenogears... Which is a great anime based RPG game for the PLaystation(PSX). Make sure you refresh once in a while for this place will be updated through the season.


You can ussually find us at's server, Game:Syndicate, & T3 One World Online.

Last Updated: 02/16/00


 New Patch: 02/15/00
 Today, when I got in my computer to what I always do before my homework... I received an ICQ from several friends and fellow clan members. They told me that they are having problems with TFC and or their computer's acting up. This made something click behind my head. I had just then remember the new TFC update patch that was supposed to come out today, 02/15/00. So I then ICQ'ed them back telling them that there is a new patch. So for those I didn't get to in time, go to "The Fortress", it's a TFC site and it's in my links section, on the bottom part of the site so please go there as soon as possible. Also is temporarily out and so as Game:Syndicate, these are the servers SJL members play in. So for now, I will add "T3 One World Online" as new SJL place just until and or Game:Syndicate is back up.

Saiya-Jin Legends 1999-2000

A Team Fortress Classic Clan

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